Countries and ethnic groups:
Jamaica: In the early 1960s it was a good mix between black and white people. The first Africans came 1513 from Iberian Peninsula. In 1655 the English captured the Jamaicans and held them as servants. The Jamaicans and their cultures are fashioned by sugar. Sugar was the most important crop in Jamaica.

Traditions in Jamaica:
The most Important are the nations Holidays. They have lots of food traditions.
Music genres and characteristics:
Bob Marley Bio.

drums,guitar organs, saxophone and wind instruments.

Steel Drums
They are made of oil barrels.The sheet of metal thickness is between 0.8mm and 1.5mm. Steel drums molded in a bowl with hammers.They discovered that they could make steel drums out of oil barrels.

Videos and sound clips:

Bob Marley video of "No women no cry"