Countries and Ethnic groups:
Garifuna -is one of the Honduran tribes. They came to Honduras because the British expelled them from ST. Vincent.

Here is a good website to look up statistics about Honduras.

Miskito- Some of them travel to do seasonal work. They have a terrible society.

Lenca- is one of the largest ethnic groups in Honduras.They make their houses out of bahareque a mixture of mud and bamboo.

Chorti-Only a few elders still speak Chorti language. They wear western cloths and use western names.

Tawaka-Is the smallest tribe in Honduras. The population is 916 people.


Honduras Traditions:
Most of the Hondurans speak Spanish. Their food is similar to Mexican food. When the school day is over they take off their solemn blue uniforms and then dance in bright colors.Men and women wear skirts. Hondurans have over a hundred different kinds of dances. They celebrate all catholic holidays They also celebrate the day of Suyapa and the Virgin Mary. Their holidays are Tree Day, Teachers Day, Children and student's Day and Flag Day. Hondurans celebrate the big holidays like us.

conch shells- are played by using the big horn.

Videos and sound clips:

someone playing a conch shell.