Ethnic groups:
Mestizo--mixed Mayan/Spanish ancestry.

Cultural notes: 50-60% Catholic, 40% protestant and 1% Mayan. They do not only speak spanish
they also speak 21 versions of Mayan, Xinca and Garifuna.

Music genres and characteristics: Marimba , Garifuna and Folk are the most common kinds of music found in Guatemala.

Quena--latin American notch flute.

They also have the marimba which is in the family of a Xylophones.


The Chinchines.

This is music video about modern Guatemalan music.
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The Mayan people have strong musical traditions and there is some record of the music prior to Columbus.
Article on Pre-Columbian Mayan music
A Mayan mural depicting musicians:

Traditional Mayan musicians:

Festive music played on traditional marimbas: